Rain Water Harvesting in other words can be termed as the true need of time. Taking into consideration the increasing scarcity of water day by day and the water needed to maintain and develop the various social projects of 'Prabodhan Goregaon' the 'Rain Water Harvesting' scheme was initiated. Due to implementation of this scheme every year Prabodhan goregaon's 5 lack Rs. are saved but most important is BMC and resultantly Mumbai citizen's invaluable 1 crore 30 lack water is saved.
         The monetary funds needed for implementation of 'Rain Water Harvesting' were provided by Shri. Subhash Desai - Shivsena Leader and MLA through his MLA funds. This is first of its kind program being implemented from MLA funds. We are sure that this direction shown by Shri. Subhash Desai will prove to be an inspiration to many to start this sort of projects.
  Investment on Rain Water Harvesting and Benefits through this scheme  
  Water provided by Bore well 3 crore liters. (Annual)  
  Bore well running expenses : Rs. 30 Thousand (Annual)  
  Bore well maintenance expenses : Rs. 4 Thousand (Annual)  
  BMC Water : Rs. 40 Thousand (Annual)  
  Total Expenses before 'Rain Water Harvesting' implementation : Rs. 5 lack 74 Thousand (Annual)  
  Total Expenses after 'Rain Water Harvesting' implementation : Rs. 74 Thousand (Annual)  
  Net savings every year : Rs. 5 lack  
  Rain Water Harvesting  
  Capital Investment : Rs. 5 lack  
  Every year saving : Rs. 5 lack  
  Capital repayment period : 1 year  
  This investment has been done under local development program.  
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