Details for Organizing a Blood Donation Camp

Donor selection criteria:

  • Every Blood Donation Camp should have minimum of 100 Donors.
  • The registration process of the Blood donors is done 1 week prior to the blood donation camp by submitting a detailed list of donors. Registration forms are available at the blood bank.
  • Commercial Blood Donors or diseased people cannot donate blood in a blood donation camp.
  • Healthy, Fit and people above 18 years of age can register for the blood donation camp.
  • The date and venue of the blood donation camp should be decided after discussing with the administrating authorities of the blood bank.
  • The best date for conducting a blood donation camp is a Sunday or any Public Holiday.

Facilities to be provided for the blood donation camp

  • 4 rooms or a Hall in a School or College.
  • Drinking water facility, Electricity connection, lighting facility, Fans etc. Also arrangements for 20 chairs, 4 tables, 10 Volunteers.
  • Tea or coffee arrangements for the Blood Donors and Volunteers.

Facilities we will be providing
Cots, Beds Bed sheets and Pillows will be provided by the Blood Bank to the Donors during the Blood Donation Camp.

Authoritative staff required

Doctors, Technicians & Peons


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