Whenever there is a requirement for blood during serious injuries, operations, malaria, dengue, patients are supplied with matching blood in the quantity of 350 – 400 ml. Now the technology has advanced to such a stage that various blood components like platelets, plasma, packed cells etc. can be separated and 450 ml of blood with the required components only can be used for blood transfusion. All this can be done without even having to collect the blood in bags and then separate out components for blood transfusion.  This is done through a machine which collects the blood, separated the required components and without even wasting a drop of blood, transfers the remaining blood to the donor’s body. This process is known as Apheresis . It’s a Greek word which means separation.

The blood from this kind of technique is of superior quality and causes no harm to the donor as well as to the patient, after the blood transfusion.

The donor providing blood in this form can re-donate the blood components within 45 hrs.
This new machine will be very soon made available in Sou. Meenatai Thackeray Blood Bank and will be the only blood bank in the western suburbs, to have this facility.

This facility of blood component separation provided by any special Blood Bank will cost upto 12,000 to 15,000, but the same facility is provided by Sou. Meenatai Thackeray Blood Bank at very reasonable costs.

Prabodhan Blood Bank - Aphaeresis


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