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All the blood cells perform the function of carrying the most essential work of circulating oxygen. These Blood cells consist of a substance called Hemoglobin, which contains different kinds of proteins in the form of a chain. This structure of hemoglobin is decided by a person’s DNA. Thalesamia is a genetic disorder. Right since birth, the patient has no hemoglobin formation in the red blood cells. Thalesamia has two types mainly major and minor. The people who are anemic are more prone to being Thalesamia Minor. Young people need to check themselves for Thalesamia before getting married since, if the marrying couples are both Thalesamia minor, then there are definite chances of having a child who is Thalesamia Major.

People who are Thalesamia Major, right since their birth needs to change their blood in every 15 days. It’s very important to provide free of cost blood to Thalesamia patients, who needs to get admitted in a hospital to carry out blood transfusion.

In suburbs, it leads to a lot of problem , every time a patient especially a child or a student is taken to a hospital. This leads to wastage of their entire day’s study, but this can be avoided if the children can be taken to a nearby blood bank.

The BMC has provided an additional working space to Sou. Meenatai Thackeray Blood Bank. In the beginning this space was reserved as Thalesamia Center for patients in the age group of 8 to 14 years and for residents ranging from Jogeshwari to Borivli. This center at a time provides blood transfusion facility for two patients on a comfortable seating, fully air conditioned room and T.V viewing facilities. . This facility is provided 2-3 times a week. Before carrying out the blood transfusion, the receiver’s blood is tested and proper matching is done between the donor’s and receiver’s blood. This will prove to be very beneficial in the suburbs for children suffering from Thalesamia, moreover this facility is also free of cost.

       Thalessemia Center     Thalessemia Center


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